By bringing the purchasing power of the three colleges together, the Consortium is able to enter into favorable contracts allowing each member to save money on its purchases while receiving superior service.

Amazon Business Account:
Each college has an Amazon Business Account through which all Amazon purchases made for business are required to be made.  Benefits of the Business account are:

    • Free Two-Day Shipping on eligible orders over $49
    • Free standard shipping on eligible orders over $35
    • Sales tax Exemption on purchases
    • Discounts on select items not available through other Amazon sites

To get an Amazon account at your college, contact procurement@ (your college, e.g., procurement@champlain.edu)
To access the Amazon account, please always use smile.amazon.com and choose as the organization you’ll support your college.

What to do in case Sales Tax is charged?

    • If Amazon was the seller:
      • Call (888-280-9552) to have the sales tax refunded
    • If 3rd party seller:
        • On amazon.com go to “Your Account” and to “Your Orders”
        • Find the item that was charged tax and click the “Contact the Seller” button
        • Enter as the subject “Tax Exemption Refund Request”
        • Include the order number and amount of sales tax charged
        • The seller is required to respond within 72 hours
        • They may ask for some additional information, if not, they typically just issue the refund
        • If you have any issues contacting the seller, or other questions, contact the Amazon tax team at (888) 280-9552

      J.P. Morgan Purchasing Card:
      For questions, please contact:

      Office supplies:
      For questions, please contact:

      Coffee and water:
      For questions, please contact: