Join us for the Eat Well, Be Well challenge

National Nutrition Month® is celebrated in March, but making smart diet choices year-round is key to eating well – and being well!  In addition to encouraging you to stay physically active, this challenge will boost your ability to navigate nutrition and provide resources to help you make healthy food choices now and in the future.  The challenge starts on April 15th and ends on May 25th, and you will earn Wellable Points for tracking physical activity, logging meals and snacks, and participating in weekly nutrition quizzes.   At the beginning of the challenge, you will take a quick “Rate Your Plate” quiz to better understand your nutrition habits and learn three ways to create a healthy eating style.  Health tips that encourage smart choices when eating from each of the five food groups will be provided throughout the challenge, along with opportunities in each weekly email to take a short quiz to test your food group knowledge and earn additional Wellable Points.  

A $50 gift card to your local food coop will be raffled off each week and at the end of the challenge three grand prize winners will be drawn at random to win a $100 gift card to your local food coop.

To register for the challenge, new Wellable users can click here. If you have participated in a Wellable challenge in the past (i.e. Mind Body Challenge) you have been automatically registered to participate. Questions can be directed to Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC Employee Well-being Program Coordinator at Don’t miss out. Please join us.