GMHEC Technology Initiative Project Teams

Steering Committee:

Corinna Noelke, GMHEC Executive Director, Project Owner
Shelley Navari, Champlain College (and Treasurer of GMHEC)
Diana Matot, Champlain College
Lisa Bunders, Champlain College, Working Group Chair, Student
David Provost, Middlebury, (and President of GMHEC)
Karen Miller, Middlebury, Working Group Chair, Human Capital Management
Dave Donahue, Middlebury, Working Group Chair, Stakeholder Relations
David Ludwig, Middlebury
Rob Robinson, Saint Michael’s College (and Secretary of GMHEC)
Bill Anderson, Saint Michael’s College, Working Group Chair, IT

Project Leads:
Andrew Dubuque, Human Capital Management
Mike Thomas, Finance
Jami Black, Advancement
Mary M. Lee, Stakeholder Relations