Project Ensemble

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The Member Colleges of the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium share a need for information technology which

  • Supports institutional strategies
  • Maintains institutional identities
  • Allows institutional time to be spent in strategic and brand specific areas
  • Focuses on student success
  • Holds fast to culture, differentiators and originality


The Consortium members embarked in December 2015 on a project to determine the next generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for each college. Champlain’s and Saint Michael’s ERP is Colleague from Ellucian which handles student records, human resources and payroll, advancement, admission and other administrative functions. Many users interact with the ERP via Webadvisor or Knightvision. Middlebury uses Banner and BannerWeb, also from Ellucian.

This research effort started with a survey sent in the spring of 2016 to faculty, student and staff to get an accurate understanding of what is working well in the current system, what are the pain points and needs for improvement, and what features users would like to see in the future to provide a better experience, better customer service and better reporting tools. The themes uncovered by the survey were further explored in on-campus listening sessions in May and June 2016 which had over 100 attendees at each college.

A request for proposals was sent out for Human Resources Management, Payroll, Finance and Student functions in August of 2016. Demos were conducted in the fall of 2016. Finalists were chosen in December 2016.  In June 2017, the three member colleges unanimously voted to purchase Blackbaud’s RENXT for Advancement Services and Oracle’s Cloud Fusion for Human Resources Management, Payroll and Finance.

The Consortium Members will implement the software together and thus by leveraging modern day cloud technology:

  • Create operational efficiencies which will create better experiences for students, staff, faculty and donors
  • Have cost savings
  • Create an environment where we learn with and from each other
  • Can explore shared/centralized services
  • That create support redundancy and backups

With this project, GMHEC is leading the way in Higher Ed where Higher Ed’s future requires innovative, better than best practices.