Welcome to the GMHEC Employee Page.  You have chosen to be a part of a unique organization dedicated to innovation, collaboration and superior customer service,  We are focused on reinventing higher education for the success of all our member institutions.

As a part of the consortium, you will be empowered to build strong relationships, self-initiate, continue to learn and grow and contribute to the success of all our programs.   As a start up, we encourage your input into the success, culture and future of the consortium.


  1. Vehicle Use Policy
  2. Vehicle Accident Policy


  1. Gmail – Google Doc Instructions
  2. GMHEC Letterhead sample
  3. GMHEC Document sample

Employee Forms:

  1. Form I-9
  2. Form W-4
  3. Form W-4VT (optional)
  4. Direct Deposit Form
  5. Performance Review Form

Forms for Accounts Payable:

  1. Request for Payment
  2. W-9 for new vendors