Welcome to the GMHEC Employee Page.  You have chosen to be a part of a unique organization dedicated to innovation, collaboration and superior customer service,  We are focused on reinventing higher education for the success of all our member institutions.

As a part of the consortium, you will be empowered to build strong relationships, self-initiate, continue to learn and grow and contribute to the success of all our programs.   As a start up, we encourage your input into the success, culture and future of the consortium.


  1. Vehicle Use Policy
  2. Vehicle Accident Policy


  1. Gmail – Google Doc Instructions
  2. GMHEC Letterhead sample
  3. GMHEC Document sample
  4. Champlain College Parking Permit (Lakeside parking lot)
  5. Download Jabber client to take calls on your laptop

Employee Forms:

  1. Form I-9
  2. Form W-4
  3. Form W-4VT (optional)
  4. Direct Deposit Form
  5. Performance Review Form

Forms for Accounts Payable:

  1. Request for Payment
  2. W-9 for new vendors

Employee Benefits:

  1. Benefits Summary Sheet
  2. Medical Health Coverage (BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont Blue Rewards Gold CDHP Plan)
    1. Medical Coverage Enrollment Form
    2. Summary Plan and Detailed Coverage Information
    3. Blue Rewards Health and Wellness Program
    4. Telemedicine Information
  3. Retirement Plan
    1. Sign Up and Change Distribution Form
    2. Beneficiary Designation Form
    3. Explanation of Pre-Tax versus Roth Contribution
    4. Current Performance of Plans