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How to contact us:

Corinna M. Noelke
Executive Director
(802) 443-2304

Mary M. Lee
Stakeholder Relations Strategist

Rebecca Schubert
GMHEC Well-Being Program Coordinator
(802) 443-5376

Cheryl Foster
Procurement Specialist
(802) 443-5800

Frank Weidman
Payroll Specialist
(802) 443-5525

As of 07.01.19

Nicole Corriveau
Accounts Payable Lead

Christine Brown
Accounts Payable Specialist

Joseph (Joe) Cadoret
Accounts Payable Specialist
(802) 443-5070

Jennifer (Jen) Winegar
Finance Business Analyst

Katherine Shuler (outside Kennedy Brothers building/GMHEC Offices!)
Project Assistant
(802) 443-5317

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